Sunday, March 27, 2016

Contuined from FB.......

The Dark-side preys on those who are at a weak point in their life, or at a cross roads of decision. With advice like:  " go ahead they don't care, or " what does it matter, no one cares for you", or "who's going to know", or, "dying is better than living", or "just do it, it will make you feel better" and the list goes on, I think you get the point.....  at this junction, brings us back to our go- to Source. Who or what we listen to when we need help. Yes, family or friends are good, but where are they going to for their wisdom. There are many choices, but only two foundations. Two wells, so to speak.


Choosing the right path, the right Source is essential to our life. This picture shows the few choices the train has to take. Choosing the right one is essential to engineer. Essential by Webster means: absolutely necessary, extremely important, crucial, necessary, key, vital.  We will need the necessary keys that are vital to our decisions. What will be the outcome of your choice?
Keys open doors for us. Doors to the supernatural realm. It is in this realm we receive, joy, hatred, peace, love, self control, outlook, power, authority, death and life. Choose the right one today, and you will feel a difference in your atmosphere.