Saturday, August 6, 2016

 DAY 7
Wisdom of a Transformed Mind:
Below are notes  I took  from Bill Johnson's teaching via You tube Attaining a Renewed mind ,March 16, 2015 by way of culture4Christ you tube channel. When you get a chance to watch this do so. It opened up a reality to me in a circumstance I am going through and is bringing deliverance for a lot of people held by defilement spoken of in Hebrews 12: 11-15. Praise the Lord.
Thanks Bill Johnson for being a great teacher.
*Evil thoughts inspire  demonic activity. Anything contradicting the word/Kingdom of God.
*Evil thoughts  by the flesh inspire demonic thoughts.
*You can't do what is contrary to Gods word in actions and then, sound the trumpet/pray/read His word/go to church/etc and expect Godly outcome.
*Knowing good from evil right from wrong
*Strongholds are developed through thoughts good or bad. God is our stronghold in the day of trouble and satan causes strongholds in our lives.
*What are you trusting in other than God AND His ways.....human/satanic understanding?
*Missed placed trust: alcohol, drugs, deceit, guile, control, manipulation, witchcraft (sin of the flesh) rebellion to the ways of God..jealousy..etc this yields to spiritual realities.
*Gal. 5 has a list for further study
*First starts with a thought, then sin of the flesh, which in turn releases witchcraft, which releases curses, then demonic activity leads to a target.
*Trying for control outside of Gods divine order releases fleshly reactions
*These actions lead to/cause strongholds which satan empowers
*Story of David and  Saul is a good place to study on what a reaction/open doors/fleshly thoughts & reactions can cause. Also a study of the walls around cities and how one week place is the spot the enemy will use as a means to find a way in.
*Perverted thoughts and patterns of behavior and ways of thinking are corrupted by firey darts of the evil one bring years of wrong thinking
*There is a fragrance/aroma released when thoughts...good or bad
                         each attracts their own realities
*Think His thoughts /line up with His word to attract and release the fragrance of life,
*Think flesh/satantic thoughts releases curses and the fragrance of death and decay.
*II Cor. 10: every thought into captivity
*When God pulls back the veil that was covering a truth or reality and shows the truth it isn't just for you but for all to be shared with. Giving a divine perspective.
*Wrong thinking has to be replaced with divines thinking or that wrong mindset will return
*You can't do the way of the world and expect to reap the benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven
*God doesn't will, that any should perish but...He doesn't use: the ways of the flesh to accomplish His outcome.
*When we believe lie, we empower that lie, giving that lie or mindset power to release demonic activity and curses.
*Godly thinking is what destroys the reality in which demonic thinking exist.
I am sure as you listen to this teaching you will learn things I didn't.
blessings to you as your mind is renewed and transformed to His way of living and a freedom never before experienced.